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Ugens Nye Plader - Uge 20 - 2014

Af Claus Frisenberg Povlsen - DBC


Her vil du kunne finde vores anbefalinger til interessante nye plader, der snart eller netop er blevet udgivet.

Ugens nyheder er udvalgt fra danske pladeselskabers officielle release cyklus i overenstemmelse med legalt indhold fra alle anvendte medier.

Udvalget ligger vægt på spritny musik fra især nyere kunstnere og strømninger!


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Gruff Rhys - American Interior

Af Claus Frisenberg Povlsen - DBC

Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys has already gone west once on film, with 2010's Separado!, his characteristically idiosyncratic history of the Welsh adventure in Patagonia. Now he offers this record of a tour that wasn't quite a tour: a retracing of John Evans' 1792 quest to find Welsh-speaking Native Americans that has yielded a Dave Gorman-like PowerPoint presentation and an album bearing a distinctly American chug and twang. Clearly, Rhys was creating as he went along, which accounts for the film's spontaneity, but also its restless contradictions. Silvery photography stifles some of its larkiness; vox-pops drown out the quieter numbers. Only the title track's gorgeous anomie lingers, but this tentative survey, full of beans and half-baked ideas alike, still generates broad grins. Having a Muppet represent Evans is an approach a Schama might consider non-canonical, yet it's more evidence of Rhys's status as among the daftest, most engaging performers out there.

Kilde: Guardian

1.American InteriorGruff Rhys
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Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband (Because)

Af Claus Frisenberg Povlsen - DBC

"Yukimi Nagano sums up her approach to Little Dragon’s fourth LP, Nabuma Rubberband, in a R&B-flavored sound bite at the end of the record. “Let go of everything I know,” she sings over a booming, slow-rolling bounce on “Let Go”. Speaking to Rolling Stone late last year, the Swedish-Japanese vocalist explained that, for this record, the Gothenburg-based band started with nothing—no ideas, no vision, no plan. “We dove into different worlds,” she said. “New spaces we haven't been to before.” Some of that uncharted territory turned out to be more familiar than suggested: the interactive website that factored in the album's unveiling was set in Nagano’s pleasantly kitschy home studio, and during the recording process she wandered around the band’s longtime hometown of Gothenberg in winter while listening to Janet Jackson."

Kilde: Pitchfork

1.Nabuma RubberbandLittle Dragon
2.Klapp KlappLittle Dragon
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Ought - More Than Any Other Day (Constellation)

Af Claus Frisenberg Povlsen - DBC

"Seeing as it’s providing no public service whatsoever to skimp on at least cursory comparison details here, parallels between this Montréal-based (though none of them are actually Canadian) foursome’s debut album – released on Constellation and recorded, inevitably, at the city’s Hotel2Tango studio – and a few celebrated collectives do indeed present themselves. Television and Talking Heads are names that’ll spring to the minds of the so inclined, but to others there will be detectable traces of acts like Owls and Q And Not U, outfits whose intelligent designs looked to take indie-rock across new creative frontiers."

Kilde: Clash 

1.More Than Any Other DayOught
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Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch (Hyperdub)

Af Claus Frisenberg Povlsen - DBC

"'Shanzhai', the opening track of Fatima Al Qadiri's debut albumAsiatisch, takes its title from a Chinese term used to describe counterfeit Western goods. Literally it translates to "mountain village", evoking both the outlaw nature of the industry and the crudeness of its reproductions - copyright-evading spoonerisms of sportswear brands and fast food chains. While such knock-offs are commonplace, there is perhaps more craft and sophistication to some imitations than that definition grants. Electronic giants such as Apple, slow to meet Chinese demand, have had their official stores outnumbered by dozens of simulacra, painstakingly recreated down to the uniform of their employees - to all intents and purposes the real thing. The term has come refer not just to products but lookalikes and parodies more generally, such as the track itself, a cover of Sinéad O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U' sung in Mandarin, only with nonsense lyrics - a joke at our expense. Much like the Apple stores, we might have never known the difference."

Kilde: The Quietus

1.AsiatischFatima Al Qadiri